Baja Excitement Continues in Bursa Nilüfer

baja excitement continues to bursa niluferde
baja excitement continues to bursa niluferde

The third race of the season will be organized by BAJA MYSIA Bursa Alternative Sports Club (BASK) in 3-2019 October in Bursa.

2 196 off-road vehicle and 25 athletes will compete in the challenging race, where the total 50 mileage special stage will be run per day. 26 11.00 will be held in October Saturday at 2 in front of Nilüfer Municipality Public House. The first stage will be 2 on the first day and 4 on the second day.

According to the technical characteristics of the vehicles 5 27 in separate class will be evaluated on October 18.30 at the finish podium in front of Ibrahim Yazici Stadium will end with an award ceremony.

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