Europe's First Hybrid Plant Counts Days

Europe's first hybrid plant counts days
Europe's first hybrid plant counts days

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, said aluminum engine blocks for the first time in Turkey, Oyak Renault will be produced in High Pressure Injection Aluminum Plant, "This factory will be Renault's only hybrid engine manufacturing plant in the US and European countries. The engines produced here will be exported to China, Spain and the UK.

Oyak Renault High Pressure Aluminum Injection Factory Test Production Ceremony took place in Bursa with the participation of Minister Varank. Varank visited the production center and got information about the engines Renault produced here. Renault by the steering wheel of the first car produced in Turkey last Varank, then studied electrical autonomous vehicles produced by the company.

In his speech, Varank reminded that they laid the foundation of the facility supported by the Project Based Investment Incentive System a year ago.

Including environmental regulations and roads, 10 thousand 500 square meters of plant facilities, including the establishment of the latest technology transfers Varank, said 100'un qualified engineers and operators were employed with the investment, he said.


Varank, the confidence to invest in Turkey and said that the economy of concrete indicators, said:

"Turkey's economy, faced all kinds of ways to continue strengthening against the toughest tests. Today, we will perform the first test production of this factory, which was completed in record time. With this investment, aluminum engine block will be produced for the first time in our country. Again, this plant will be Renault's only hybrid engine production facility in Turkey and Europe. The engines produced here will be exported to China, Spain and the UK. During the production phase, high technology will be used in only a few places around the world. The raw material, namely aluminum, will be supplied from our domestic manufacturers. Thus, our domestic resources will be utilized in the most efficient way possible. The contribution of this facility to reducing the current account deficit, qualified employment and export size is truly commendable. In summary, an extremely important investment in terms of high value-added production comes to life in Bursa. Our goal is to increase these and similar investments exponentially. ”

Varank, of Renault's production of the hybrid vehicle in Turkey and said they wanted to be exported from here.


Stressing that there is a need for a structural transformation led by added value in production, Varank stated that the Turkish industry has the capacity to realize this transformation and that the Ministry is with the entrepreneur and industrialist with all the means.

Varank stated that the Technology-Oriented Industrial Action Program, which was called for by drawing attention to the fact that the real sector has designed policies that will further increase the investment appetite, will support the priority products in the focus sectors within the program.

Reminding that they started with the machinery sector as a pilot application, Varank said that the Ministry of Industry and Technology teams will visit Renault's factory in Bursa at the end of September, informing them about the localization of the products in the plant and the program is open to all investors regardless of domestic and foreign discrimination.

Varank, value-added production in Turkey emphasized that they aim to become one of the leading countries, "our investors, we show all our best efforts to support our producers." He said.


Through Oyak Renault General Manager Antoine Aoun pointed out that incentives be given for the first time aluminum engine blocks manufactured at plants in Turkey. Noting that the production facility will contribute to export, employment and value added production, Aoun said, ık We completed our production center in a very short time as promised. We have come to the final stage to start mass production at 2020. ”

Varank and his accompanying people started the test production at the High Pressure Aluminum Injection Factory by pressing the button after the speeches. (

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