ZES Continues Investments for Zero Emissions

ZES Continues Investments for Zero Emissions
ZES Continues Investments for Zero Emissions

ZES (Zorlu Energy Solutions) emphasized that the use of electric vehicles came to the forefront in terms of zero emissions during 21 September World Zero Emission Day.

According to recent data, Turkey's largest city 5 which connects zesti the number of locations where the electric vehicle charging station xnumx'y, while the number rose to 77 socket.

With the World Zero Emission Day (21 September), the release of carbon dioxide came back on the agenda. According to the United Nations report in 2018, carbon emissions increased for the first time unlike the last 4 year. According to this report, which is also an indicator of the world's lag in the fight against global warming, global carbon emission rates must be less than 2030 in 55 in order to keep the world's temperature target below these values.

While there are many factors that increase carbon emissions, the fossil fueled vehicles we use every day play an important role. According to research, an average passenger vehicle emits approximately 250 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, and when these values ​​are calculated annually, 5 means that tons of carbon dioxide are emitted. ZES draws attention to the issue on 21 September Zero Emission Day.

Uninterrupted and “emission-free” driving pleasure from ZES

Electric vehicles intended to be used as an alternative to fossil fuel vehicles; environmental and economical aspects, zero emissions and noise-free. But in our country the infrastructure needed to provide specific conditions for Turkey to enter the market widespread and manufacturers of electric vehicles.

In this regard, while taking various steps from companies, Zorlu Energy, one of the leading companies in domestic and renewable energy, continues to invest in this field with the Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES) brand it established in 2018. Istanbul with electric vehicle charging station where implemented, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Eskisehir ZES such as linking major cities in Turkey, but also the driver of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts helps the continuous driving. Along with this, ZES is also making improvements for alternative routes to cities that already have stations, and in this context, the number of locations, stations and sockets is increasing day by day. Today, ZNES serves with 77 units in different locations, 122 units and 168 sockets, and aims to increase the number of locations to 100 in the first place. The long-term goal is to access the 1000 station.

ZES charging stations also offer fast charging

ZES, which has two types of charging stations, mainly normal (AC-22kW) and fast (DC-100kW), offers the possibility of charging between 30-60 minutes at fast charging points depending on vehicle type and model. Four vehicles can be serviced at fast charging points.

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