New Style: Tesla Model X

New Style Tesla Model X
New Style Tesla Model X

Great Tesla MODEL X. A premium SUV that accommodates seven people and creates some panic on the planet. It is similar in architecture to the Model S (large battery pack, electric motors, aluminum chassis), but like the Model X all has four-wheel drive, ie twin electric motors that drive each axle.

The flagship P100D costs £ 122.260. I'il let you digest this for a second. So if you think that Model X is the perfect alternative for your Volvo XC90, you might want to consider 90D (87,335 £) or entry-level 75D (76,880 £). And yes, it's more like a Mercedes E7 wagon than an Audi SQ63. A car that's hard to imagine: it's like a visually grown hatchback. Usually SUV-style vehicles make you want to get lost in the terrain, but the MODEL X is not a car to get off the road, but audiences definitely love it. When you see him on the way, you will certainly not look away.

You want seven seats in your car? Of course. The price of this will be £ 3.600. The Model X is standard for five people. The six-seat layout (2 + 2 + 2) is the 2.700 £. The main feature that distinguishes it from other SUV models is its doors. When the excitement of using the Falcon doors disappears, it slows down to be frustrating, and unfortunately no more space is left in the rear seats. Model X is more human carrier than a fully active lifestyle companion.

The driving environment is clean and spacious, lean your head back and enjoy the console with the impressive 17 inch touch screen. But the shameful material quality is a bit frustrating.

MODEL X is an expensive car. But let's face it, you're not going to deposit some money in front of it, you'll rent it instead. Deposit 20.000 pounds and you can have a Model X for 622 pounds per month, which has a guaranteed future four years later. There are fast-charged superchargers everywhere. Even at some highway service stations, you will be treated as VIP.

We are honored to comment on the TESLA MODEL X model on our website and thank the TESLA family.


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