Uber Starts to Pay Taxi Drivers Daily

uber began to pay daily taxi drivers
uber began to pay daily taxi drivers

Uber continuing to serve with Turquoise and Yellow Taxi in Istanbul, passengers and the driver continues to develop new features and investment in Turkey to provide safe and quality experience to its shareholders.

Finally BRSA operates with licenses and Turkey's high volume of transactions with electronic money institution which cooperates with Uber Papara, it announced the day payment requirement for all partners taxi driver.

Uber has long been offering the option of paying by credit card on taxi journeys. With this new cooperation, the earnings of the journeys realized by credit card to taxi driver partners started to be paid daily. Taxi drivers can spend their payments to their Papara accounts at any time with their Papara Card or withdraw cash.

Uber Taxi drivers by insuring all partners in Turkey, high costs and loss of income arising from accidents that may occur during the cabbie cruises using the Uber platform protects against risks. In collaboration with local stakeholders, the history of an electronic billing system Uber continues to maintain its commitment to serve the people of Istanbul and Turkey.

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