KSU's 'Ladybug' Stamped in Kocaeli

ksunun ugur bocegi kocaeliye stamped
ksunun ugur bocegi kocaeliye stamped

KSÜ's Electric Vehicle 'Ladybug' drew attention to the TÜBİTAK Electric Vehicles Competition.

14-22 September 2019 date in Kocaeli Gulf Turkey held at the Speedway Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Efficiency Challenge Car Racing Kahramanmaras Dairy Imam University (KSU) "Ladybug" is the electric vehicle new and domestic battery management system (BMS) with design She attended.

The electric vehicle developed with the support of KSU Rectorate, Dean of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and TUBITAK; In the electromobile category (energy efficiency), 94 finished in the electromobile category, where the 67 team applied, the 28 team was ready for the competition, and the 7 team passed the technical checks.

KSU's Ladybug finished the 30 lap and 60 km long race track with 1742Wh energy, consuming 1,07TL fuel consumption. On the 2 day, the UGur Beetle completed the 2 stage in the 1 ranks on time basis and also attracted attention as one of the 30 teams that could complete the 8 tour which must be completed in accordance with the rules of the competition.

The electrical and electronic components of the vehicle are from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. Lecturer. The design and manufacture of mechanical components are carried out under the supervision of Dr. Alper Kerem. Lecturer. Member Mehmet Ermurat and Res. See. Muhammet İbrahim Aşçı.

KSU Rector for his interest and support. Dr. Niyazi Can, especially the university administration, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. Dr. Dr. Mehmet Ünsal'a offering gratitude. Faculty Member Alper Kerem thanked our academic advisors and students for their dedication.

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