Ford Otosan and AVL are on the road to autonomous transportation Önemli

ford otosan and the autonomous transport on the road from the courtyard
ford otosan and the autonomous transport on the road from the courtyard

The tests of the oon Platooning-autonomous convoy ”project initiated by Ford Otosan and AVL within the scope of a joint R & D cooperation were carried out on Ford Trucks' new tractor F-MAX. The TIRs were connected to each other using virtual platooning technology and set out as a convoy following each other at close range. Platooning successfully completed the initial test vehicles with Ford Trucks, Ford Otosan and AVL has achieved a first in Turkey.

The first development phase of the Plat Platooning-autonomous convoy Ford project initiated by Ford Otosan and AVL within the scope of joint R & D cooperation was successfully completed. The outputs of the project, which began last year, are expected to reshape truck transport.

Two Ford Trucks tow trucks, which set out in a convoy and autonomous way, successfully covered distances in the first trials. Ford Otosan Eskisehir joined the platooning technology launch held at the Factory Ford Otosan Assistant General Manager Burak GÖKÇELİK and AVL Vice President rolfdreisbach, 'Platooning' technology, the successful cooperation with expressed their happiness about the testing to develop and in Turkey. "Platooning" Technology Product Development, Ford Otosan with Turkey and is being developed in cooperation with AVL's engineering team in Regensburg, Germany.

Gökçelik: ecek Will constitute an important basis for the realization of autonomous transport ”

Ford Otosan Executive Vice President Burak Gökçelik stated that they have left behind a milestone process with AVL on behalf of the use of autonomous driving technology in heavy commercial transportation.

Yıl Last year we joined forces with AVL to start developing our Platooning Autonomous Convoy technology. Today, we are happy to be one of the few truck manufacturers in the world working on autonomous trucks, investing in this field, and most importantly having a prototype product that can display. We successfully test hardware, software and simulation tests on the road. In our country, this project is a first in Turkey will lead to the development of autonomous vehicles. The first stage is completed the R & D collaboration in our project, progress we have achieved in the field of heavy commercial vehicles, not only in Turkey but all over the world will serve as a basis for autonomous transportation in the implementation. This R & D project will allow the reduction of carbon emissions and fuel consumption, increase road safety and ensure intelligent access. We aim to develop E SAE-Level 4 ”autonomous driving functions and to perform Hub-to-Hub Autonomous Highway Transportation in the later stages of the project and in the long term”

Gokcelik stated that all these works will increase the competitiveness of Ford Trucks worldwide and added, “As Ford-Otosan, our investments and development activities in the field of autonomous vehicle technologies contribute to our local knowledge about autonomous driving and create an experienced engineer team working on these technologies. It provides. Our first priority has always been to invest in the workforce of skilled engineers. We have reaped the fruits of our investments with the F-MAX, which recently received the '2019 International Truck of the Year Award' (ITOY) in Europe. Now we see another result of this investment as our progress in autonomous vehicle technologies. These efforts will certainly increase the competitiveness of Ford Trucks vehicles in the global arena. ”

Dreisbach: imiz Our cooperation will lead the way in bringing autonomous technologies to heavy commercial vehicles ”

Speaking of the benefits of platooning technology and the operation of the system, AVL Vice President RolfDreisbach said in his assessment:

“Platooning - Autonomous Convoy an project, which brings together two important companies in the sector such as Ford Otosan and AVL, is a project that we are happy to be in with our teams. With this project, we aim to increase the autonomous driving levels of the vehicles and at the end to reach the level that does not even require the driver. Platooning-autonomous convoy technology has benefits such as reducing total cost of ownership and saving fuel. One point to note is the increased safety that can be applied to all autonomous driving levels. Currently, in the first phase of the project, steering, throttle and brake control were autonomously managed under highway conditions; but for the time being, the driver needs to follow the road and take control of the vehicle in an unexpected situation. Ultimately, we aim to ensure that the entire system operates without the need for driver intervention. This means that the transition to autonomous driving makes transport more cost-effective and safe, and is a solution to lack of drivers.

In contrast to blocking traffic in the platooning mode, the fleet will regulate the flow of traffic and increase the vehicle capacity of highways thanks to the close monitoring of the trucks. In order for non-convoy vehicles to overtake or use motorway exits, vehicles in the convoy will autonomously increase the distance between them and allow vehicles to intervene. In addition, thanks to platooning, vehicles can follow each other very closely and fuel savings can be achieved by reducing the average wind resistance to which they are exposed ”

RolfDreisbach stated that AVL's know-how over the 70 year has been effectively used in this project. In this regard, the AVL team with global expertise in Regensburg function development in the automotive standard, the AVL team Turkey has also contributed to this cooperation with practical experience in developing autonomous driving functions. In the scope of this project, as in other autonomous driving technologies, the company successfully implemented the safe and traceable software development skills, which it has perfected in other areas of the automotive sector. The knowledge and experience gained here will provide active benefits in other project partnerships. '

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