Ekol Rivets Its Quality with the Tapa Certificate at Lotus Plant

ekol has confirmed its quality with lotus certificate at lotus plant
ekol has confirmed its quality with lotus certificate at lotus plant

Ekol Logistics Lotus Facility was awarded the TAPA (TransportedAssetProtectionAssociation) FSR A certificate, which has the most prestigious acceptance on the global platform with high security standards. Thus, Ekol's Lotus Plant became the largest warehouse in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with TAPA certification.

The TAPA certification process carried out by BureauVeritas, an independent certification and auditing company in line with the corporate value that Ekol gives to security standards; personnel, access security tools, monitoring systems, valuable storage areas and other units at the highest level of control.

The storage space the size of a football field in 30 Lotus, but also Turkey's largest logistics facility with a covered area. In Lotus, where Ekol has the highest operational volume, more than 1.300 employees are employed. At the facility; storage, transportation, customs clearance and national distribution services are integrated in line with customer satisfaction.

Lotus, which has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and LEED certificates, strengthens its service quality with TAPA certificate and is preparing for a new energy investment in the facility. 35 Lotus will meet half of its electricity needs by investing in solar panels on a thousand square meter area.

What is TAPA?

The TransportedAssetProtectionAssociation was founded in 1997 to reduce losses in the international supply chain. The association, which has members over 600; It brings together global suppliers, logistics providers, transport companies, law enforcement and other stakeholders to reduce losses from international supply chains. The Load Safety Requirements (FSR) standard, designed to ensure the secure storage and transfer of TAPA members' assets, is recognized globally. TAPA certification process is completed as a result of detailed audits conducted by independent institutions.

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