The Newest Member of the BMC Armored Vehicle Family AMAZON

The newest member of the BMC Armored Vehicle family, Amazon
The newest member of the BMC Armored Vehicle family, Amazon

BMC is the Newest Member of the Armored Vehicle Family With its R & D efforts, BMC has taken its advanced mine design and production activities to an advanced stage and added the AMAZON 4 × 4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle to its Armored Vehicle Product Group. The design and production of AMAZON in the light armored vehicle class has been completed and the first prototype of the vehicle has successfully completed the tests.

Amazon; features such as automatic fire extinguishing system, central tire inflation, puncture road tire, rear vision camera, dimming and camouflage light with high maneuverability as well as high level of protection against mines, ballistic and handmade explosives and carrying capacity of 7 people It offers.

Amazon offers STANAG 4569 protection level with its monocoque body and special V base.

Amazon can reach 120 km speed per hour, can pass through 800 mm water, can easily overcome many obstacles with 400 mm underbelly height and% 40 can progress on side slope and% 70 can climb on slope.

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