Vehicle Tracking Systems Target Cyber ​​Pirates

vehicle tracking systems target cyber hackers
vehicle tracking systems target cyber hackers

Vehicle tracking devices developed to prevent vehicle theft, because of the security gaps they have the target of hackers. Bitdefender Turkey Operations Director Flame Akkoyunlu can easily infiltrate hackers to employees indicating device with a remote command system, hackers can stop vehicles on the move and also draws attention to the car owners can also access the personal information.

Research shows that vehicle tracking devices make a significant contribution to reducing vehicle theft. In countries where such devices are mandatory, the vehicle theft rate drops to 40%. However, the system Bitdefender pointed out that ignore basic security practices for developers Turkey Operations Director Flame Akkoyunlu, hackers to track vehicles such devices, alarms are expressed can be used to disable or personal information to steal.

Hackers Infiltrate Vehicle Tracking Devices

Vehicle tracking systems come with mobile applications that help vehicle owners to track their vehicles in real time. Pen Test Partners' security researchers tested the operation and reliability of some vehicle tracking devices used throughout Europe. They found that they could not verify whether the commands given to the device came from a reliable source. Pointing out that hackers may infiltrate applications in the face of this situation which could be used to influence thousands of vehicles, Alev Akkoyunlu points out that hackers can make a vehicle immobilized and restarted in the middle of traffic impossible.

Stop Thousands of Vehicles Simultaneously

Vehicle tracking devices work with an external command principle. The commands from the vehicles must come from the vehicle owner or an authorized call center at the request of the police. However, a hacker who seeps commands into this system can stop all vehicles on the move using the same vehicle tracking device. To start the vehicle, the vehicle monitoring device must be physically removed.

Access Personal Information Through Devices

Customer identification information in vehicle tracking systems can be deciphered by hackers accessing the application. Hackers who can change the e-mail address of any account registered in the application can also initiate a password reset process by passing the details to their own addresses. Alev Akkoyunlu pointed out that access to the vehicle, access to all users, the phone number and the authority to control all devices associated with the device, may result in more dangerous consequences for hackers who monitor vehicles and users in real time.

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