New BMW 2 Series Displayed in camouflage

BMW 2 Series 1
BMW 2 Series 1

Bmw is preparing to introduce the new 3 series, which will become a formidable competitor to their major competitors Mercedes CLA and Audi A2.

The new 2 series, which was recently captured by the cameras, attracted attention with its interesting camouflage and the QR code on it, and the new 2 series brought to mind the question mi Does it come with an innovative and new design language?.. When you read the QR code above the new 2 series, you are redirected to the page dedicated to the 2 series on BMW's official site. On this page, the tool will be introduced on this page in July 24 specified and the image at the bottom of this article is shared.

In addition, the new train is expected to keep pace with BMW, the new 2 series also plans to release a hybrid motor version. It is said that the 2 series with its hybrid engine can cover almost 50 kilometers using only its electric motor.

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