Tesla Model 3 Euro NCAP Test Results Announced

tesla model 3
tesla model 3

Tesla entered the crash tests of Euro NCAP with the Model 3. The vehicle has achieved one of the highest “Security Assistant alınmış scores ever.

Tesla's electric vehicles produced a new page in the automobile industry managed to get the tools often came up with software updates. This time, however, Tesla Model 2019 3 model, Euro NCAP crash tests with the successful results came to the agenda of the automotive industry.

Euro NCAP, an independent and reliable test company, is known for its rigorous crash tests on cars. Euro NCAP test values ​​are important for the automotive industry and its customers, and the high values ​​obtained from these tests are an important parameter that determines the value of the vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 was able to add value to the brand value by receiving the “Security Assistant” score by Euro NCAP officials because of its high level of security and active security features offered to its customers remotely.

Click for Tesla Model 3 crash test results

Matthew, head of the Euro NCAP research division; “Tesla did a great job of turning the structural benefits of an electric vehicle into an advantage. Tesla Model 3 has reached one of the highest Security Assistance points we have ever seen..

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