Shell Lubricants Remove Obstacles by Collecting Plastic Caps


Shell & Turcas, Spinal Cord Injury Association of Turkey (TOFD) by collecting plastic caps from cooperation with private mineral oil service across Turkey. All of the revenue generated through the recycling of the collected caps will be used for wheelchairs for disabled citizens.

TURKEY and the global lubricants market 12 has been the leader for years Shell Lubricants, Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association(TOFD) has been supporting the development of the plastic cover collection project that 2011 has been implementing since. Within the scope of cooperation with TOFD Shell & Turcas mineral oil distributors, collecting plastic caps from special mineral oil service across Turkey. All of the revenue generated through the recycling of the collected caps will be used in the purchase of battery powered and manual wheelchairs to be distributed to disabled citizens.

Seyfettin Uzunçakmak: “We are trying to make life easier for our disabled guests”

Shell & Turcas Lubricants General Manager Seyfettin UzunçakmakStating that people with disabilities are aware of the difficulties they face in their daily lives,:In cooperation with TOFD, we initiated a cover collection project to help wheelchairs with mobility for disabled citizens. In this way, we are very happy to contribute to the reduction of the difficulties experienced by our disabled citizens. "

TOFD President Ramazan Başstated that the association has successfully carried out many national and international projects since its establishment, and one of the most important “Blue cover” known as Kapak plastic cover collection campaign ” stated: Head of Ramadan; "We have reached an agreement with Shell & Turcas to collect the caps for lubricant packaging. With this cooperation, product covers will be collected voluntarily. The income from the collected covers will be used in the purchase of vehicles that allow the disabled to move freely, such as cordless or manual wheelchairs and wound-cushioned chairs. We were very happy that Shell & Turcas showed sensitivity and supported our project...

Spinal Cord Injury Association of Turkey, having social orthopedic disabilities from fully and effectively in order to ensure their participation 2011 years running since the plastic cap collection campaign. Thanks to the collected plastic caps, orthopedic disabled citizens applying to the association are being supplied with a wheelchair and battery.

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