Mercedes-Benz A Series Hybrid Version Coming

A series
A series

Mercedes-Benz introduced the A series towards the end of last year. According to rumors, Mercedes-Benz is now working on the new A-series, which will be released under the name A 250e. The new A250e will have a plug-in hybrid engine. In addition, the new A250e's hybrid engine will be able to drive 60 kilometers using only electricity.

Under the captain of A250e, which will be the new member of the A series, there will be 1,3 liters of gasoline turbo and electric engines. In this way, gasoline engine 163 horsepower and 250Nm torque electric engine 102 horsepower and 300 Nm torque can be obtained. The new GLB series will be supported by the 8 forward gearbox, so that the vehicle can deliver high power and torque values ​​evenly on the asphalt.

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