Lewis Hamilton Wins Great Britain Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Breaks Record by Winning Great Britain Grand Prix 1
Lewis Hamilton Breaks Record by Winning Great Britain Grand Prix 1

Lewis Hamilton Wins Great Britain Grand Prix;

Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix for the sixth time in his home signed an unprecedented victory. So he named his name among legends.

14 In July, the 2019 Grand Prix of Great Britain made history. Monster Energy driver Lewis Hamilton won the race last Sunday for the sixth time in his career, becoming the most successful driver in Grand Prix history. Mercedes-AMG passed the Petronas Motorsport team's pilot, Alain Prost and Jim Clark. Alain Prost won the same race five times and won four world champions. Jim Clark is the winner of Silverstone, Aintree, and Brands Hatch with his GP victories and two world championships.

Lewis celebrated its success with thousands of fans who bought all the tickets for the race. He was accompanied by his Silver Arrows teammate Valtteri Bottas, who finished second. The Monster Pilots made a double again. After the race, we caught Lewis and told us one by one about his six victories at his home Grand Prix. The 34-year-old set a record with this victory.



Lewis: orum I remember the first Grand Prix I won here at 2008. Since I couldn't manage at 2007, I showed great determination to win the championship to my country England at 2008. Luckily it rained on Sunday. 'Don't worry. You can do it. It's raining, you can do it 'I remember. It was a very pleasant moment, it increased my courage. I entered the race with this feeling and made the best start. ”


Lewis: “At 2014, I was dreaming of entering the race in a car that I could fight for the world championship. Actually, I was having a bad elimination. I went home to spend the night with my father, my stepmother and my brother. I was in my room, with my dogs and my father. Being with my family was a feeling that really boosted my morale when I really needed it. After a good home-cooked meal, I raced the next day and got the dust off the track. ”


Lewis: dönem This period was also unforgettable. All the tickets were sold out. At the beginning of the race, we overtaken, fell to third place. I went ahead and struggled with great difficulties. Rain clouds were approaching. The UK air made it clear to me. So I changed the tires. Finally, we made the right decision by switching to mid-range tires at the right time. After that, I had a smooth race and won the 10 second margin. ”


Lewis: iyi The best part of this Grand Prix was to blend with our audience. I don't know where that came to mind. But I guess after winning the race, I got out of the car and went to the pilots' room behind the podium. But suddenly I stopped and said, 'I have to go back downstairs and see the crowd.' I ran back and saw the crowd. I went to the barrier and tried to wave to everyone. It was the coolest thing that ever happened to me. ”


Lewis: “This was a really great year with a much faster, incredible car. We won the pole position by capturing the success of some legends like Jim Clark. That was wonderful. It was a solid weekend. When I was practicing, qualifying, competing, I was the fastest. Each round was first and fastest again. We had great moments with the fans. I feel that we are getting more and more integrated with them every year. ”


Lewis: “This was one of the most beautiful days I ever remembered. I was thinking about my first win at 2008. Excitement, happiness and joy were exactly the same this year. I've gone too many races. You might get used to it, but it doesn't. It was as great as my first winner here. It feels incredible. I'm not the one looking at statistics. Each race was a separate event for me. But it's a great feeling to think that I won six races and became one of the legends. ”

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