Dacia Sandero 2020 Introduced

Dacia Sandero 2020
Dacia Sandero 2020

Dacia Sandero 2020 Introduced; In the first photographs of 2020 Sandero, which came to our country published by Renault Brazil under the Dacia brand, it is possible to see the make-up of Sandero in front and back.

Some Renault Group models can be sold under different logos according to countries. Sandero and Logan models sold under the Dacia logo in Turkey, which are sold in Latin America with Renault logo capture significant sales volume.

Let's take a look at the make-up of the Sandero 2020 a bit. The headlights in the front section are now C-shaped and LED. The front grille adds a different flavor to the car if it is different, simple and sporty. The hood has been extended a little closer to the front grille and this change has brought Sandero 2020 a new cosmetic look. If we look at the rear view of the new Sandero, the LED lights added to the rear lights are brought closer to the mustache-like form of the Dacia and Renault models.

What's New in Dacia Sandero 2020?

The CVT gearbox and the new generation 1.0 TCe engine will be available for sale with Sandero 2020 yet a precise transmission and engine combination information is not yet available.

The Renault Group, which does not publish any information or photos on the interior of the car, is aware of the need for some improvements to the interior of the car.

2020 Renault Sandero will continue to be manufactured at the factory in Curitiba for the Brazilian market and other Latin American countries, and for the time being, it is not clear whether Dacia Sandero will receive the same updates as the Renault Sandero.

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