Volvo Unveils New Military Vehicle Scarabee

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arquus main resize md

Volvo Unveils New Military Vehicle Scarabee; Volvo announced the new military vehicle Scarabee, which attracts attention with its features.

Swedish car manufacturer, lightweight military vehicle class in designing the vehicle speed, confidentiality and high maneuverability features such as emphasis. It also added different features in terms of carrying heavy ammunition and equipment.

Thanks to its durable outer hood made of composite materials for defense against missiles and mines, it can be dropped from a low-altitude aircraft. With these features, the Volvo Scarabee 2025 is preparing to replace the French Army's 730 light armored vehicle.

The vehicle is empty 6,6 ton 120 km / h per hour at the same time the vehicle can rotate on the 4 wheel sufficiently lax and waste looks.

To achieve this agility, it uses two engines, one diesel and one electric, and has an 300 horsepower diesel engine as well as an 103 horsepower electric engine.

Since the wheels of the Scarabee can turn in opposite directions, they can easily turn around. That's why he's likened to crabs.

Finally, the new crab of Volvo's radar can be equipped with radar, 12 mm heavy machine gun, 30 mm anti-tank missile or medium-sized missile launcher.

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