Electric Airplane Makes Its First Flight

API0976 3
API0976 3

Electric plane H55 completes its first flight. This zero-emission 2 aircraft will be used as a pilot training and air taxi.


21 on June 2019 uses the technological infrastructure of Solar Impulse new electric plane H55 successfully completed its first flight. BRM Aero This electric aircraft of 2 personality produced by will be used as pilot training and air taxi.


Manufacturer located in Czech Republic BRM Aero Produced by electric aircraft H55, zero emissions and 1,5 hourly flight timewhat you have. In this way, H55 offers a clean, quiet, cost-effective and safe solution that can meet the needs of pilot training flight schools. In addition, the electric airplane, which is thought to be used as an air taxi, seems to make the city alive and quiet.

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