Bosch Provides Advanced Solutions for New Nikola Two TIR

Bosch NikolaTwo
Bosch NikolaTwo

Bosch Provides Advanced Solutions for the New Nikola Two TIR; Bosch and Nikola worked together to develop Nikola Two's powertrain.

Nikola TIRs were supported by Bosch's innovations such as the Side Mirror Camera system, Perfectly Keyless technology and the Servotwin steering system.

Ason The 2,5 annual collaboration aimed at a completely new and unique approach to TIRs using excellent, highest-level engineering and advanced technology, J says Jason Roycht, Vice President, Commercial and Off-Road Vehicles for North America and Regional Business Unit for Bosch.

“Bosch has become our innovation partner, helping to bring our vision to life, Trev said Trevor Milton, founder and CEO of Nikola.

Scottsdale, Arizona - At the Nikola World event, Nikola Motor Company unveiled its first TIRs with hydrogen fuel cells and electric motors. Bosch, who provided vehicle components and systems, assisted Nikola in the implementation of the hydrogen fuel cell and electric Nikola Two. Technology and system approach; Designed for use in all vehicles of Nikola One, including the Sleeper Cab and Nikola Tre, designed for the European markets.

Bosch, a technology and service provider, offers solutions in the areas of automation, connectivity and electrification for commercial vehicles to increase efficiency and ensure safety in the logistics area. Bosch's engineering teams at locations in the United States and Germany contributed more than 22.000 hours to the development of Nikola TIRs in order to realize Nikola's approach.

Ason The 2,5 annual collaboration aimed at a completely new and unique approach to TIRs using excellent, highest-level engineering and advanced technology, J said Jason Roycht, Vice President, Commercial and Off-Road Vehicles for North America and Regional Business Unit for Bosch.

We learned a lot from each other and pushed each other to achieve what everyone saw impossible. Nikola Two is not a simple evolution of today's heavy duty trucks. It is a revolution both in terms of sophisticated control and design. ”

Trevor Milton, founder and CEO of Nikola Motor Company, said: “Bosch has become our innovation partner, helping to realize our vision. In addition to providing us with expertise and first-class solutions, we are looking for business partners willing to dream with us. ”

Nikola and Bosch create 'the brain of the future'

Nikola TIR is not only a fuel cell vehicle but also a mobile supercomputer. Bosch systems, software and engineering expertise helped to create the brain of Nikola's Nikola Two super TIR.

One of the most important parts of Nikola's advanced system is the high computer power for advanced functions while reducing the number of independent units Bosch Vehicle Control Unit (VCU). The VCU provides future innovations by providing a scalable platform for the highly complex electrical / electronic (E / E) architecture needed to support the advanced features of Nikola TIR. Thus, the Nikola TIR family will be connected to an advanced and secure operating system that provides real-time, wireless updates and monitoring.

Redesigned commercial vehicle powertrain

The new power transmission system, which was achieved through the development partnership of Nikola and Bosch, is the core of the Nikola TIR series. Nikola and Bosch have redesigned the powertrain and the integrated vehicle chassis. Designed to provide the basic range of vehicles, the fuel cell system was developed jointly by Nikola and Bosch. The two companies worked in concert to develop the first true twin-engine commercial vehicle e-Axle for trucks. The developed e-Axle incorporates Bosch rotors and stators. Bosch has also contributed to the functional safety of TIR.

Cameras replaced the side mirrors

Bosch technology makes a difference in other areas of the Nikola TIRs as well as the powertrain. Nikola's vehicles do not have 'side mirrors', a standard feature in the previous class-8 TIRs. Instead of the main and wide-angle conventional mirrors, it provides drivers with side and rear digital vision in the TIR cabin and Mirror Camera System camera system. The two cameras, located on the left and right sides of the traditional mirrors, transfer real-time images to the high-resolution displays inside the cabinet. Developed by Bosch and Mekra Lang, the system digitally adjusts the display to suit the driving situation. The compact digital cameras that replace the mirrors offer aerodynamic advantages in addition to improving safety, as the cameras are much smaller than the mirrors and consequently reduce air resistance.

Bosch Perfectly Keyless Thanks to the system, fleet operators will be able to digitally manage the vehicle key of the Nikola TIRs in their fleets. Transport and commercial vehicle rental companies can use a smartphone application to give access to specific fleet vehicles and to flexibly manage who has access when and when. The sensors on the Nikola vehicles are connected to an application on the driver's smartphone. Thus, as the driver approaches the vehicle, the Perfectly Keyless system detects the smartphone, detects the personal security key identified on the driver's phone and unlocks the door. When the driver moves away from the truck, the vehicle automatically locks securely.

Bosch the Servotw Equipped with electrohydraulic steering system, Nikola TIRs are ready for driver assistance systems and future automations. The steering system enables driver assistance systems that actively increase the driver's comfort and provide more safety. Servotwin will assist with Nikola vehicles with features such as lane follow-up support, side wind stabilization and a traffic jam assistant. The system also provides an important structure for the future use of autonomous features.

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