Audi Sport SUV Introduces the SQ8 Model


Audi SQ8, 435 horsepower, semi-hybrid engine and design has attracted attention with.

audi sq tdi

Audi also used the 7-liter twin-turbocharged V4.0 diesel engine in the SQ8, which was previously available at SQ8, which can generate 435 horsepower and 900 Nm torque. The SQ8 uses the 8 forward-speed automatic transmission and the 4 × 4 transmission system to efficiently transfer this pure power to the asphalt. The semi-hybrid system designed specifically for the SQ8 helps accelerate the vehicle to accelerate to 22 km / h, and the lower revolutions support the turbocharger, allowing the vehicle to turn easily even at lower revolutions. It takes seconds for the Audi SQ8 to reach 0km / h from 100.

Audi SQ back

SQ8, which is not sold to our country, will be exhibited in showrooms in Europe towards the end of the year. Although the exact price of the vehicle is not yet clear, it is estimated to be around 85.000 Euro.

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