SAGEM President Gündoğdu'dan Samsun Bus Station on the Transportation Problem Description

Samsun Development Center (SAGEM) Association President Kürşat Gündoğdu, Samsun Bus Station after the removal of free services made citizens made a statement about the victim, made suggestions.

Samsun Development Center (SAGEM) Association President Kürşat Gündoğdu, bus companies removed the free bus service in Samsun Bus Station after the public bus service put into service by SAMULAŞ Inc. could not resolve the problem experienced in reaching the bus terminal.

Samsun, which is known as the capital of the Black Sea, has four main transport networks, but it can not solve the problem related to transportation to Samsun bus station, SAGEM President Kürşat Gündoğdu said in his statement on the subject: ar The problem of transportation related to Samsun Bus Terminal has recently lifted free bus services. addition, the inconvenience of transportation has been folded folded. 4 public bus, which was put into service after the removal of free services related to the departure of our citizens to Samsun Bus Station, could not be ointment to the wound. Passengers coming to our city from outside the city ask service to the companies. Companies convey the removal of services to incoming passengers, which is a bad situation for the image of our city. . The T1-T2-T3 and T4 buses commissioned by SAMULAŞ Inc. have been a good step in solving the problem, but the fact that these buses are being operated at almost one hour intervals have caused difficulties for the passengers arriving at the bus terminal late at night SAM.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality President Zihni Sahin, the public bus from the bus station and from the bus station to take additional measures outside the city center, emphasizing that they hope to take additional measures in the Samsun Development Center (SAGEM) Association President Kürşat Gündoğdu, Samsun Bus Terminal related to the solution of the transportation problem in the short and long term also made a series of recommendations.

Samsun Development Center (SAGEM) Association President Kürşat Gündoğdu said in his statement that the following suggestions were made regarding the minimization of citizen grievances about transportation to be provided to the city center from Samsun Bus Station and the bus terminal.

Otobüs As known in Samsun Bus Station, bus companies have removed their free services. For this reason, in order to prevent the occurrence of grievances, SAMULAŞ A.Ş, which is connected to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, has assigned 4 bus to 24 for the hour. But; It is thought-provoking in Samsun city, which is said to be the capital of the Black Sea and has four main transport networks. As SAGEM, our thoughts and suggestions on this subject are as follows;

1- As it is known, the Light Rail System Line has flights between Tekkeköy and the university. In addition to these flights, studies on extension of the line continue. If the feasibility study of a light rail line that will be going directly to the Samsun Bus Station will be rantabıl, it should be brought to the agenda and projected and the rail system line should be extended to Samsun Bus Station. For the coach station also the Metro system should be considered with a wide itinerary. Metro project can be said to be very costly, in this case, alternatives to land transportation can be developed. The free shuttle services removed at the Samsun Bus Station should be re-put into practice by making a fee for the citizens to be paid for a certain fee by negotiating with the bus companies.

2- For Samsun Bus Terminal, if we do not rantabil the proposed rail system line, we can make a direct connection to the airport. A transportation network will be used to bring passengers to the Samsun bus station or bring passengers to the city center from the bus station.

3- 3 which has the closest route to this point in terms of relieving trips to Samsun Bus Station. The line bus must carry passengers up to the bus terminal. Or other point of departure from the center of the city center and the other route. It should also go to Samsun Bus Station.

4- Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Samsun Bus Station on the basis of a new paid line to work on the basis of the 24 hour can take the agenda. In this way, it may also be a source for municipal budget.

As SAGEM, we hope and hope that Mr. Zihni Şahin, the Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, will find a solution to the transportation problem of Samsun Bus Terminal.

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