Truck and TIR Garage Enter Service

The operation of the Truck and Truck Garage completed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in order to prevent the irregular parking of trucks and trucks in the city center and to relax the urban traffic was transferred to Denizli Transportation and Solidarity Association.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has completed the long-awaited truck and truck garage project for a long time. The project will cause irregular parking in the city center, due to the bad appearance and congestion, and the trucks and trucks that have a negative impact on the city traffic will have a regular parking area. The transfer protocol of the truck and truck garage operation was put into service soon. The protocol ceremony was attended by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, Deputy Secretary General Aytaç Turgut, Denizli Chamber of Commerce President Uğur Erdoğan, President of Real Estate and Expropriation Department Halil İbrahim Kaşlıköse, Denizli Transportation and Solidarity Association President Feridun Fikri Akyol and his retinue. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan stated that they have realized a first in Denizli with Truck and Truck Garage and said ı We have made a common protocol in the operation of Truck and Truck Garage that we have desired for many years. Denizli

There will be no truck and trailer parking on the streets

Mayor Osman Zolan said, ol We wanted to carry out the operation of this place together with Denizli Transportation and Solidarity Association and Denizli Chamber of Commerce at the point of opening the way for those who are in the sector. Hopefully, trucks and trucks will not be parked on the streets after this. İn President Osman Zolan stated that the truck and truck drivers who had previously had to stay at the roadside were not comfortable and said ş We have completed the social areas where our brothers and sisters are able to respond to their every need, such as living areas and eating areas. Both truck and truck drivers will be comfortable and there will be no parking for trucks and trucks in our streets and streets. Good luck to our shipping tradesmen and businessmen. Deniz

"Sample had a project in Turkey"

Denizli Chamber of Commerce, the Chairman Ugur Erdogan, thanking Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan, "the project has been an example to Turkey, we believe our industry will contribute very seriously. At the same time, we think that it will contribute to social life in Denizli. Our marina had such a need. I would like to thank you very much for bringing a very comfortable living area to our city.

“We will work on the development of transportation in Denizli“

The Association President Akyol, the mayor Osman Zolan said that with the construction of the facility performs an amazing job in Turkey, "We were inside for many years, such an effort, we were faced with such an investment at a time we least expect it. How much we can thank you as an association. God willing, opening as soon as possible, Denizli will work on the development of transport ede he said. After the speeches, the transfer protocol was signed.

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