Audi Selects VENICE for Introducing First Full Electric Car

Audi uses VENICE, Sony's film camera system for the introduction of the new full-electric Audi e-tron

First-class car manufacturer Audi has chosen Sony's CineAlta Full Frame camera for the first full electric car model of the new e-tron. The production of the ad was made by KROPAC MEDIA GmbH, and the film was shot in a quiet and natural environment to highlight the car's engine, which was almost no sound.

Equipped with an impressive Full Frame image sensor, Sony VENICE perfectly captures the silent atmosphere of electric driving with the ability to capture fascinating visuals in almost any format and deliver a great depth of field; this was one of the main reasons why Audi and KROPAC MEDIA GmbH had chosen the VENICE camera system.

Philip Hollerbach, executive producer of the Audi communications team, commented: on The focus of our film was on Audi E-tron's sense of driving and the eco-friendly lifestyle it supported. Sony's VENICE camera system was the ideal solution. Sony

Oluşturuy The large Full Frame sensor creates a soft, unobtrusive image that reflects e-tron as a future-oriented product, bir said Berti Kropac, Managing Director of KROPAC MEDIA GmbH.

24 x 36 mm size support, maximum 6K resolution for sophisticated visual effects and servo-controlled 8 progressive mechanical ND filter mechanism built into the camera body. Thanks to the system that provides the production company with the ability to instantly replace all filter stages with 0,3 to 2,4 levels, camera operators can react quickly to light changes and the downtime can be minimized.

KROPAC MEDIA GmbH, who uses the dynamic driving shots of new Audi models to be used in trade fairs or world premiere events, explained: MED You touch a button, VENICE changes the ND filter in just two seconds. This feature is not yet in any other camera system. Bu

. With VENICE, filmmakers can keep the time and costs of moving their creative ideas down to the screen, ı said Sebastian Leske, Product Marketing Manager at Sony's Film Department, Product Marketing Manager at Sony Professional. The Audi ad proves that this is not a contradiction and that Sony can help car manufacturers to add emotion to every frame of ads. Audi

The world premiere of the first model of the brand's full-electric range, the Audi e-tron, premiered at 17 in September in San Francisco. The electric sports SUV combines the width and comfort of a typical luxury car with a range of products suitable for daily use.

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