Yertaş Construction Requires Konkordato

Yertaş Construction, which was established in 1975 and signed important metro projects in Ankara and Istanbul, demanded concordat because it could not collect its receivables.

According to the spokesman Bora ERDİN'nin, 2016'da Dudullu-Bostancı metro line, which started the construction of the stations Tuncer Icerenkoy and Küçükbakkalköy Yertaş Construction demanded concordat. Yertaş, which is the subcontractor of the line constructed by Kalyon Construction, Kolin Construction and Şenbay Mining joint venture, was established in 1975. He also built the tunnels of the Istanbul and Ankara subways.


Abdullah Sadıkoğlu Sözcü, Bora ERDİN, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company; “Our company has no shortage of domestic receivables. Our company has claims of 25 million dollars in Turkmenistan and 40 million dollars in Northern Iraq.

The construction of the Dudullu - Bostancı Metro Line, which is an 14 kilometer in length, will be completed at 11 April 2019. For the line where the 13 station is located, the work continues unabated. 90 is expected to carry 70 a thousand people per hour. The contract of the metro line which will serve as a driver is signed on 26 February 2016. You can reach Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line from Modoko to Eminönü in 28 minutes, from Içerenköy to Taksim in 35 minutes, from Kayışdağı to Kadıköy in 19 minutes and from Parseller Quarter to Bostancı in 21 minutes.


The construction of the extension of the Istanbul light rail metro system from Yenibosna to Atatürk Airport was carried out by Yertaş Ankara Metro, which also completed the construction work of the Batıkent - Kızılay metro tunnel. also it carries the second construction company property company located in Turkey's largest mining activities having a subway tunnel digger.


Ankara Metro, Batıkent - Kızılay Metro Tunnel Construction Works

Ankara Metro, 3. Stage Necatibey Station United Tunnel Floor

İstanbul Taksim-Yenikapı Subway Line Şehzadebaşı Station Construction and Completion Works

Ankara Metro 3. Phase Kızılay-Söğütözü Line Completion Works Necatibey Station Drilling Tunnel Construction

Izmir Suburban System Development Project 2. Etap Karşıyaka Tunnels and Stations Construction

Ankara Metro Kizilay-Cayyolu 2 Metro Line Completion Works Red Crescent Scissor Structure Construction

Kizilay-Cayyolu 2 Subway Line Ümitköy-Çayyolu 1 Station Km: Double Tube Drilling Tunnel Construction Between 9 + 465-10 + 380

Extension of Istanbul Light Rail Metro System from Yenibosna Airport to the Airport

Ankaray-Ankara Light Rail Transit System Project ASTİ and Dikimevi Tunnels Construction

Kastamonu-Çankırı Kırık Dam Variant Road Tunnel Construction

Alanya Gazipaşa 5.Bölge Border Road Dim Tunnel

Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Belkahve Tunnel Construction

Erdemli-Silifke-Taşucu Road Bsk Construction and Repair Work

Arcman-Bami 81-120,6 Km Ashgabat-Goktepe-Turkmenbasi Highway Construction Work

Taraz-Talas-Suusamyr Road Rehabilitation Project Phase II

İzmir Ring Road - Aydın Highway Construction Karşıyaka Tunnels Construction

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