Our First Domestic Car is 57 Age!

While the domestic car is on the agenda again, the first hundred percent national and domestic car produced in our country is the Revolution 57!

How was the first domestic automobile in our country?

In June 16 1961 20 called up about a meeting in Ankara and traction departments of the State Railways Factory managers and engineers of the Republic of Turkey 4. President Cemal Gürsel was given instructions for the first domestic and mass production car to meet the passenger and passenger needs of the army.


29 October Republic Day, the end of the end-grown cars, then the name of Eskişehir Railway Factory that Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry AŞ (TÜLOMSAŞ) was therefore taken to Ankara by train.

While the cake and polish were transported to Ankara on the train, the gas tanks of the vehicles were evacuated as a safety measure in order to avoid any negative effects during these operations. Although this situation was noticed during the ceremonies, no fuel could be installed on the car that Gürsel had taken and the car stopped after the 100 meter went.

In the meantime, Cemal Pasha famously said,. You made a car with a Western head, but you forgot to supply gas with the eastern head. Bu Although the cars after the refueling from the parliament to the Mausoleum, the hippodrome in the parade, but unfortunately this beautiful adventure of cars ended here.

From the 4 pieces of Revolutionary Cars, each of which is completely indigenous, only one of them has reached today. Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. TÜLOMSAŞ / Eskişehir Garden, which is kept in a specially made glass garage, is still working.

The first national and domestic car Revolution 57 is years old!

In the museum where the visitors have shown great interest, it is possible to see many parts such as welding engine, drill and lathe machine used in the construction of the car as well as the camera, caliper, compasses, lime stone model and casting engine block.

The 1250 kg-weight Revolution car features a long and dipped headlamp that can be operated with the ignition key or the hand. With a maximum speed of 140 km per hour, the car does not contain petrol and batteries for safety reasons.

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