Çayırova Intersection Greening

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which gives importance to green and landscaping, continues its activities throughout the province without any breaks. The project was planned by the Metropolitan Municipality, the road was expanded by additional road and other manufactures Çayırova junction, landscaping work began. D - 100 highway The Çayırova Junction at Gebze Technical University will have a more aesthetic environment with the arrangements to be made.

Within the scope of environmental regulations initiated by Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Garden and Green Areas, firstly leveling and landscaping works were started. With the work to be done, the intersection will be more regular and visually beautiful. After planting, tree planting will be done.

Plantations will be made in Atlas Sedir, Toros Sedir, Himalayan Cedar, Acacia Species, Maple Species, Magnolia Species, Sugar Maple and Tooth Budak Species. An automatic irrigation system will be established within the scope of landscaping and the region will always remain green. The studies will be done by lawn planting.

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