Tunnel Excavations Started at Köseköy Junction

Kocaeli D-100 works are under way at Köseköy Junction, which is being constructed to relieve the urban transition. The intersection project carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is one of the important points in D-100 since it provides connection to the district center of Kartepe. The intersection made in the form of a batt-out, will create a unity in the district of Kartepe divided by D-100 and will prevent the accumulation of light caused by light. At the intersection of the sunk, the tunnel will make Istanbul-Ankara direct traffic. The side roads will provide the exit from the district center.

The excavation and excavation works were started in the northern part of the sunken output. D-100 southern highway bored pile applications continue. There will be uninterrupted access to the D-20 route of 100 kilometers between Özdilek and Kuruçeşme in the city crossing with Köşeköy Junction.

Köseköy Junction will eliminate the traffic load caused by heavy vehicles entering and leaving the TEM highway. Together with the intersection, vehicles will ensure the transit of traffic by transit. The side roads at the crossroads will be connected to Sabancı Junction. The side roads will have three lanes with turn strips. Inside the tunnel, 2 is made as 2 ribbon.

Within the scope of the project 110 meters closed tunnel (branch-out) 500 meters are made open. The project main road is a thousand 300 meters. In the project 2 thousand 600 meters are made in the north-south side roads. Within the scope of the project, 1 pedestrian bridge will be constructed. In the intersection study 35 bin hot asphalt, 11 thousand square meters of parquet, 10 bin 500 meters will also be used in the border.

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