Shade Interchange Renewed

Due to the increase in the density of vehicles in the intersection of the intersection of the intersection of the intersection of the intersection of 4 sleeves, the Shade Junction was revised and opened to traffic.

Mayor Fatma Sahin continues to breathe the city with preventive measures that relax the urban traffic. Conducting work towards the areas where traffic is congested, the Metropolitan focused its attention on intersections. According to this, the Metropolitan Municipality which puts hand to the intersection of the shade at the intersection of the Ibrahimli Area and the Ring Road, has put into practice the signaling intersection project 4 with the aim of accelerating the traffic flow at the intersection.

In line with the Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan, the canal was canceled due to the increase in vehicle density at the Gölgelik Junction, which is one of the important intersection points connecting the İbrahimli Region and Ring Road. Completed, the new version of the Shade Junction was opened to traffic.

With the project, the left-hand pockets for the vehicles coming from Karataş and wanting to return to the Ring Road were removed and the junction was provided. In the project where pedestrian crossings and bicycle paths were made by making the pavement areas defined, the vehicle field of view located in the north-south direction of the intersection was expanded, and 3 departure-3 was designed as the arrival, with the exception of right pockets.

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