Artvinliler will board the plane in 2020

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, the perception of slowdown in investments is brought to the agenda from time to time, said: "These are absolutely not right, our investments will continue unabated, continues." He said.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, the perception of slowdown in investments is brought to the agenda from time to time, said: "These are absolutely not right, our investments will continue unabated, continues." He said.

Turhan, Artvin Governor in front of the Governor Ömer Doğanay, Artvin MP Erkan Balta, Artvin Mayor Mehmet Kocatepe and other interested parties welcomed.

Turhan, who watched the demonstration of the folk dance team here, received a young Turkish team by kissing the Turkish flag was taken by the team.

Turhan talked to the shopkeepers for a while, then visited the Governor Doganay in his office and received information about the projects in the city.

Stressing the strategic importance of Artvin, Turhan said the ongoing investments in the region are exciting.

Turhan, geographical conditions due to low-way roads have found the opportunity to improve thanks to large projects.

The maximum tunnel because of necessity brought about the geographical conditions in Turkey is in Artvin transfer Turhan, Black Sea Coastal Road in the districts should Artvin, other than those made during construction, as well as neighboring provinces to the work has been done on the connecting roads, then he would continue the improvement work .

Turhan, thanks to the dams in the coastal towns living outside the settlements of the sea of ​​Artvinlilerın almost brought the sea, so that the development of aquaculture facilities in the region, he said.

Artvin is rich in livestock, agriculture and forest products, Turhan continued.

“We are working to bring these riches into the economy. Transport infrastructure is very important for this. Due to the conditions of the region, we give importance to road transportation systems. The Black Sea Coast Road was constructed, the Sarp Border Gate was running, and the Cankurtaran Tunnel, the dream of the Artvin people, was completed on the way to Artvin-Borcka. We continue to work on his connection ways. We will complete them as soon as possible and connect Artvin to our main transportation systems in higher standardized ways. En

  • The airport, which will be used jointly in Artvin and Rize, is planned to be opened in 2020

Turhan, Artvin and Rize jointly used for the construction of the airport noted the following

Or Artvin is not only the roads, but also an airport that will be used jointly with Artvin and Rize. The closest airport to Artvin is in Trabzon. I hope this airport is opened more easily reach Artvin aircraft. There is a criterion put forward by our government. Hopefully Artvinli will also reach this opportunity soon. If there is no significant delay, we plan to launch it in 100. Önemli

Turhan also shared information on the construction of fishermen's shelters, roads and tunnels in the region. Lar The total amount of investments we made in Artvin, besides the dam roads, approached 4 billion pounds. At present, the investments in the dam, the Coruh Basin, which is also called the ways of the relocation of the investments in the amount of 3 billion pounds here is close to. Our work continues in a rapid way. Alar

Turhan emphasized that one of the most important works in Artvin was the road work between Hopa and Borcka, and said that they would complete the works in this area as soon as possible and offer them to the people of the region.

  • Turizm Tourism in Artvin has improved in recent years “

Turhan stated that they are in an effort to complete the works in these routes as soon as possible in order to bring the natural resources of Artvin to the market.

Larda There is such a perception recently; The perception that there is a slowdown in investments comes to the agenda from time to time, these are not absolutely accurate, our investments will continue without slowing down, it continues. I want you to know that. Our investments in transportation, energy, mining, health, education will continue. There are many different values, natural beauties bestowed on this region by Allah. We have to turn these into income for Artvin. This happens with tourism. Tourism in Artvin has improved significantly in recent years. The most important factor, of course, is the transport infrastructure. As we improve both the air and the roads, our people will feel more comfortable to this region. Ird

Turhan also said about the Green Road Project:

En We have the Eastern Black Sea Tourism Project, Green Road, connecting the plateaus together. Artvin will have its share in this project. We are currently making connections to the Black Sea Coastal Road which is the main transport backbone system. We will put into service the roads that will connect the highlands in the scope of this tourism project. Our goal is to ensure that our people can continue their lives in the place where they are born and to be satisfied. These are the main policies that we care about all over the country. In this sense, Artvin will also get its share from these services. Art

Governor Doğanay presented the relief painting of Artvin to the Minister Turhan in memory of his visit.

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