TCDD Batman 513. Road Maintenance Onr. Conductor Railway Line Maintenance Repairer Procurement Notice

This workforce prompt, TEO'a BATMAN WORK AND BUSINESS DIRECTORATE DIRECTORATEhas been announced.
Application deadline: 17 August 2012
Release Date: 08 August 2012, Issue: 29General Terms and Notes
TO REQUEST FOR CANDIDATES TO REQUEST: Candidates who meet the demand conditions can apply through 10 days at the place where the request is published or from ​​Internet address. In applications for permanent and temporary workforce demands of public institutions and organizations, addresses of persons registered in the Address Based Population Registration System shall be taken into consideration. The application of the graduates of the departments of the Industrial Vocational High School specified in the request will be accepted. The right of the issuers or declarers who make false documents to invalidate the application and the cancellation of the recruitment process of the institution and the requesting public institution and organization are reserved. Applications will be accepted on the next business day when the last application date is found on the official holiday. The application of the same public institution and organization to the demand of more than one labor force, which is overlapping with the application date, will be accepted to apply only to a request. The name and time of the written or oral examination shall be notified to the candidates who have been notified to the employer. The names and addresses of priorities, together with explanatory information on their status, shall be notified to public institutions and organizations in a separate list. - Priority rights of those who have priority rights, who are not invited to the employer for the demand for temporary or temporary work, but who do not respond to the exam except for the force majeure, refuse to take the job, or work in the public status as permanent workers, are eliminated. 1-Road Maintenance and Repair workmanship Workers who will be hired to be employed in art branch, freight and passenger transport in rail systems in the road maintenance and repair work at least 6 months to be experienced Candidates work at work letter, SSK registration number and SSK will document the workplace registration number with the service certificate and SSK Service breakdown. The deadline for the population to be published on the website is the registration of the population, the criminal record (in the public prosecutor's office), collecting, military service (discharge, decommissioning or exemption), a picture, the residence of the resident, the KPSS result documents with an unqualified period. The candidates who do not submit their documents will not be taken to the oral exam personally. Dates will be announced on our website and will be sent to the addresses of the candidates who will take part in the final list. 2-will work in the organization of the personnel personnel will work in accordance with the law 3 and the trial period is four months.4-oral exam result of successful, Road Maintenance and Repair Work Art Worker Staff to be hired Candidates, in detail in full-fledged State Hospitals or official university hospitals, visual acuity (right-left eye-defined separately) color examination (ishihora-tested) yed have the health committee report will be requested, this report of our organization health müdrlüklerin by the Republic of Turkey Develet Railways company General Directorate will be examined in accordance with Health and Pisikoteknik guidelines, health durumlarh appropriate Olmue candidate of appointing yapılmı to 5-Assignment made candidates will work a minimum of 4857 years in the workplace is assigned to, transplant during this period 6-nominated candidates can be operated day and night according to the 7 hourly basis. of 2. In accordance with the sub-paragraph or if they leave their own request, they shall pay compensation to our organization in the amount of 1 / 2 of the cost to be calculated according to the current conditions of the training course and internship programs given by the employer about the wages they received during the training, exchange and internship programs.
Profession Information

Job Experience (Years) Learning Type
Railway Line Maintenance Repairer from school

Learning Information

General Unit Name General Section Name Learning Level
High School and Dengi School Electrical Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
High School and Dengi School Electrical and Electronics Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
High School and Dengi School Electronics Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
High School and Dengi School Construction Machinery Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
High School and Dengi School Machine Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
High School and Dengi School Metal work Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
High School and Dengi School Engine Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)

Work Address Information
Preferred Residence Towns:
Other informations

Type of Employer Kamu
Total Number of Open Business 1
Business Contract Type Indefinite Period (Permanent)
Working Mode Full-Time

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