Map Engineer will be taken (Metroray Construction Electromechanical Industry and Trade Co.Ltd)

Current Date: 20.07.2012
City / Country: Turkey
Number of staff: 2
Metroray Construction Electromechanical Industry and Trade CO.LTD.
General qualifications: We are looking for experienced trainees in the road and rail sector in accordance with our company serving in the road and railway sector. He must have completed his military service for male candidates. Foreign language (English) is preferred. The candidate must not have a disability to travel.
Job Description: The project will be designed for the candidate dormitory at different construction sites.
Other information added by the company:
Position Type: Continuous / Full zaminstant
Education Level: University (Graduate), Graduate (Student), Graduate (Graduate), PhD (Student), PhD (Graduate)
Experience: At least 5 years of experience
Military Status: Done
The first ad was posted on 20.07.2012


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