Railway Operation Managers and Employees

Sector: Logistics
City: Izmir
Date Posted: 08.07.2012
Number of Staff: Not Specified
Description: As a national organization established with the leadership of TOBB, which is the roof organization of Turkish commercial life, 90 is established with the participation of chamber, stock and organized industrial zone and Utikad; economic, environmental, reliable alternative transportation models in foreign markets and increase the competitiveness of Turkish Industrialists, the permanence in markets where the entry and enter new markets, and therefore Turkey's 100. has the mission of contributing to the 500 billion dollar export target. (BALO) will be employed by the 'Railway Operation Managers and Employees' who will meet the following specifications and job descriptions.
Conducting transnational rail transport operations. (customer, agent relations and documentation)
Railway schedule creation.
Coordinating meetings and organizations related to operations.
Operational reporting on project basis.
Ensuring the control and archiving of documents and documents related to the operation.
Participation in domestic or international travel when necessary.
Possesses knowledge and experience in international railway transportation operation and tariff formation,
The University is a graduate of TOBB University of Economics and Technology or Izmir University of Economics,
Knowing English, German and / or Russian very well,
MS Office (Word, Excel, PP) dominates the program,
The ability to develop, move quickly,
Human relations and verbal communication skills are strong, analytical, follower and presentation,
Class B qualified, domiciled inland and abroad, can reside in Izmir
Men who have done their military service.

Source : I www.secretcv.co

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